Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Fate, they call it,
Some say destiny,
Others bad luck,
Some call it random.

But isn't it strange,
That it comes along,
When least expected,
And jolts you out of the blue.

It tears you apart
Doesn't give you time
Not even to bid good bye
And then hides away
To strike again some other day.

Monday, was one such day
For you were lost
To family and friends
With no news, no notice.

But we will not let him win
For we will remember
For your attitude
For the never ending enthusiasm
To life
To fun
To learning
To talking
To enjoying what you did.

(In memory of Srikanth, my student who passed away last week).

1 comment:

Kam said...

September. The month i never forget till i die.


my father who passed away from this earth on 06th September, 2008.

my love just left with tears for the sake of love on 17 September, 2007.

Met my love on 03rd September, 2006.

my dearest friend who is still in my heart but not for anybody's sight after his last meet on 05th September 2005.

The September is the Separator. The September is the Spectator.

Sorry for your student madam. May his soul rest in peace.