Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pooja at Trento

One year has passed - it is not simply they say, time flies but memories remain. Last pooja was at Trento. We had two poojas, one at Borino, and another at Villazano(famously called, Villazanzoo). For two days, all of us got together in the evening for prayer and dinner. It was a day I thanked the innumerable festivals that we have and the way we celebrate it. For, it is occasions like these that get us together when we are far away. Occasions that made us link to our motherland, our roots, with each other. Not to forget the food - Sreejith's sambhar, Divya's sweet, Minhaz's vegetable biryani, Vinay and co's pakoda, Naren's cabbage. And Vitali for his zeal to experiment with Indian food. We had fun. The innumerable photos with each one posing standing next to the diyas till they got the perfect picture.

This pooja is in Hyderabad, at the department unlike last year. So different - makes me want to go home to old times when as a family we had fun. With leave hard to come by, I have to again make do with the department pooja unlike last year. Hoping the guys there at Trento are having fun this year too.

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Kam said...

Fun, Family and Friends bring beauty to living. FFF joined with Festival is even more beautiful. Simply superb.

Wish you can celebrate the next festival with the ones you like.