Saturday, December 13, 2008

One day's lesson

Starts from scratch
Goes round and round
Building ribs to strengthen
Wires smooth as silk
As strong as steel.

Watching the work
Tear it down, I did
In gay abandon
Unsuitability of the craft
In a place as this.

He starts again
With all enthusiasm
Working away nonstop
His home so big
So slender so tender.

No hunger no pain
Tiredness he speaks of not
No complaints of rework
Better than before
Works untired works unbent.

Amazement is the emotion
Wondering how it is possible
Little brains they say
For one so small
So tender so fragile.

Wonder at the perseverance
Being so insignificant
Builds homes amazing
Stronger and bigger
Time and again.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mirage called Life

Oh how happy she is
Mirth and laughter abound
Not a care in the world
No attachments, no strings
No worries, no tensions.

Wish I could be like that
Where tears are unknown
Where fears do not lurk
Where worries touch not
Nor tensions wash the shores.

Then look beneath the facade
Beyond the smiles, obvious
Beyond the words, carefree
Behind the curtains, rich
Behind the veil, beautiful.

Understand that beings all kind
Have got the same ration
May be a few kilos more, a few less
Some in past, present, some in future
But ration there is.

The mastery lies in
What you wish to show
What you want to be seen
What you wish to portray
What is the image you desire
The mirage that is built.