Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Thirst for Knowledge

Today, in the process of a conversation with a friend, I learnt again the meaning of the phrase 'Thirst for Knowledge'. This friend of mine, from a faraway distant land, doing her Ph.D. here, showed a passion for her country, for herself to be come something, for learning : something that is missing a little nowadays in me. She spoke of her travails here, of how she landed in the university and how she is happy and loves it here. When I said that I am unhappy that I am far away from home, she showed me the positive side. That we are here to study and we are gaining knowledge; and that is reason to be happy and keep smiling. Well, so true. Like my dad always told us, 'Knowledge is the one and only treasure that no robber can rob from you; acquire it as much as possible and you will only grow'.

In this colleague who I hardly meet, I found a quality that is becoming so rare in us citizens of this country as well as in most of us human beings. PASSION - passion in everything we do.

Hats off to you my friend. Keep going !


Kam said...

Nice person with good spirit.

Rafah said...

It is really my honor to be your friend, dear.