Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pain of Waiting

Wait !  - that is one word that is difficult to follow.  Patience is a virtue - yes.  However, the process of waiting is a tedious one, given that the subject continues to creep, crawl and roll over in your mind.  If only there was a pause button for certain instances in the brain, then things would have been easier.  But, it is not so. 

We all know that it is upto us to control our brain.  But ask someone who has tried it.  For people like me, lesser mortals, it is so difficult.  The waiting.  And more so is the suspense.  Family I speak to tells me that there must be a reason.  That there is a reason for everything in the bigger scheme of things.  Maybe there is, maybe there is not.  Nothing can be definite. 

In Indian mythology, there are so many instances of waiting.  Waiting like Sita did for Rama to come and take her back, not knowing if he would be able to cross the sea and get to Lanka.  Like Radha did for Krishna.

Waiting like Parvathi did for Lord Shiva to come down to earth and take her back.  Bhishma's wait for death.  Waiting like how we are for Mahavishnu to take another avatar.  Then there are instances of how waiting was not possible.  Like how King Dushyanta told Shakuntala that he could not wait to marry her.  Stories of waiting and not waiting.

Everyone waits, at some point of time, for something.  It maybe for examination results, for the school bus to come,  paper review results, results of elections, waiting in the queue, for someone to say yes, for someone to change.....  The results could be good or bad, according to the person.  What is difficult is the intermittent time.  The time of waiting.  The minutes seem like forever as it does now for me.

[Picture : Raja Ravi Varma's painting of Radha waiting for Krishna]

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thriller said...

100% true.....mam...all we can do is jus hope for the best :):)