Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pandit Jasraj at Velliangiri hills

As part of Yaksha 2011 at Dhyana Linga, Coimbatore, we had the opportunity to listen to Pandit Jasraj.  As he walked in, there was a hush.  We saw an old man, with cotton fluffy hair walking in.  An accompanist tried aiding his ascent onto stage.  He went down again and climbed himself showing his zeal for life. That made me understand that the man I saw may be old, physically, but at heart he was young, younger than many of us.

He raised in hands and started with raag Darbari.  He mesmerized us, took us up and took us down with the ups and downs of the raag.  The Velliangiri hills, a group of seven forming the backdrop reverberated with his voice.  There were connoisseurs and novices alike to listen to him that day.

 Still, he spoke volumes to novices like us through his music.  His students accompanying him were gifted themselves.  Their faces lit when Panditji said 'Shaabash' when they sang a difficult note.  Accompanying him on the tabla was Vijay Ghate whom I had the honour of listening to the second time(the first time with Pandit Chaurasia).

Shivarathri day was a dream come true for us.  We were honoured and blessed to listen to Panditji.  It is true that voices and energy like his are once in a lifetime. 
[Pictures courtesy the Hindu  http://www.hindu.com/mp/2011/03/05/stories/2011030552640300.html ]

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