Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Run Away

There is cacophony all around. The shed on the fourth floor of the apartments, built to shield from rain is rattling in the wind. The washing machine has a constant drone 'drrrrr.....drrrrr...drrrrr'. The TV next door blares with nonsensical melodrama, the keyboards 'tuck tuck tuck'. The cooker next door is whistling away. Someone is drilling a hole into the wall. Another is hitting the floor above. A vacuum cleaner's drone does not stop. A kid screams next door. It is too much to stand. I feel like shutting my ears and hearing 'nothing'.

There are days, when all I want to do is run away - away to a place where there is no human being in sight. A place which is quiet, peaceful and beautiful. Every time I think of a place like this, it is the forests, Manasarovar, Leh-Ladakh, the Thar, a vacant beach, or the Rann of Kutch that comes to mind.

At times when this 'Run Away' feeling comes, it is a strong urge to just scoot, to fly away. Leave everything behind and just walk - knowing not where you are headed and what lays in store.

I feel like shutting my ears when I hear the incessant honking of vehicles, the buzzing of a machine, the voice of other people, the noise of TV .... The only thing that sounds pleasant at these times is the buzz of the wind and the voices of birds. They soothe me and bring back my rhythm. So much power has nature, that we have forgotten to be in tune with it. In the process, we have lost it forever.

If only we could have a 'Shut Down' day - when we shut down every man made machine and just listen to the real sound, it will be music to the mind.

Or just 'Scream'. When you scream, scream so loud that you can't hear anything. You hear nothing !!!!

Thanks to the Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch for his picture 'The Scream' which shows exactly what I want to show but am incapable of.  

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