Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why a Countdown ?

Why a countdown ?

Life is to be lived. However, there is another side too. It is to be remembered. Not the person alone, but the events and the people around. For what are we, but an event(can I call myself that) made up of collaborating people, known and unknown. People does not always refer to human beings here. It refers to anything, living or non-living which makes us feel part of something big.

After nearly four decades, I think it is time I note down incidences, good and bad for the future. When I sit back sometime in the future on my rocking chair, hair all white, all I will have to look back on are incidences, crazy, funny and the serious. Maybe it will help me pass time then. But in the years it takes to reach there, I feel I might forget something in the run to make a life as we know it.

Hence, this is a sort of diary, but not a diary. It is a recording of incidences in my life, my theories, my beliefs, my opinion which I will not analyze in the blog(I shall personally of course), but leave it for another day. That day I will look back on incidents and see if there is a connection to others. The diary will serve as a place where I store things I want to, some important, some not so.

I don't mind revealing the stories. I can only request that people not be judgmental for the incidences are happenings that I am a part of - knowingly and unknowingly. They are what shape my life and will shape it too. I am not perfect but I do aspire to and in the run up to that perfection, I must commit my share of mistakes. I will be I know, but can only hope that I learn from them and not repeat them too often atleast. For I am but a human being. Things very personal may not find a place here. So, I am my own censor too.


Tanmay Chakrabarty said...

I thought its a post about those people who cares mostly about their unseen, unknown life after death than the life they are through now.

However, I never had a diary, tried to wrote a few times but wasn't finding any interest. But after passing a one and half year with my blog, now sometimes I find that I am reading my very own posts on my blog for hours. And the truth is that I wasn't actually reading the post, I was remembering the moment when I wrote it, the reason behind writing it and so on...There are few memories which make me feel happy, some make me feel sad and some rocks me.

It is a big thing, making everything public, I hope you will be careful with that (you already mentioned that, I am just saying.).

Happy Blogging.

Sapna said...

Personal experiences and thoughts ofcourse are mine. This is not a personal diary. It is a diary of what I see around me, in the world. For example, the freshly ploughed earth was an experience - standing there for one hour till it started drizzling was an experience itself. That picture is just a picture on the blog, but I hope, seeing the picture later will make me remember what I felt, the emotions. So, it is a diary, not of my thoughts but what I have seen.

I shall ofcourse your word of caution - thanks.