Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Old Days

Last evening was an evening of going back in time. I remembered the old days, college days. It was the time I used to pick my books and switch on the radio. Tuning to AIR's Vividh Bharati, I would have the best of worlds. Music and my books, computers and literature. Starting with Jawanon Ke Liye it would continue till closing time. Studying would continue beyond AIR's closing time, but the tempo and the mood was set thanks to Vividh Bharati.

Call me old-fashioned, but there was something romantic about the whole affair, which is missing today. This despite having a collection of songs playable on the latest music system. So, what is missing ? Probably it is the unexpected - unexpected list of songs, unexpected play on the mood. Maybe, it was also the minimal amount of distraction in the absence of visual communication. I am not able to place it, but yesterday, I was able to move back in time and recapture those moments. With Amitav Ghosh's 'Dancing in Burma At Large in Cambodia', I was transformed to a different age, a different time. The time with music and books.

Thanks Vividh Bharati.


Arun said...

"good old days" Remember the good only and the days - past present and future are always good only.

As more thoughts keep coming in, thread switching happens more often as evinced in the jump from reminiscing about Vivid Bharathi to evocating about Amitav Gosh's book!

Sasidhar Reddy K M said...

Golden Old Days!
Your post is a touching and reminding one.