Monday, September 8, 2008

Wanted: a plumber for Antarctica

The job opportunity sounded great - actually wow. Just that I am not a plumber. Of course I do know to change a tap and a washer but nothing beyond that. What interested me is this:

"Duties include mechanical and electrical upkeep, repair and support to scientists studying penguins, seals and albatrosses".

Now, that is what makes the job interesting. Of course, Antartica is cold, far away from home and is extreme: but then, that is the point. There is a mix of everything in the job - technical ability, mystery, challenge and lots of nature.

Wish the next time I see,

Wanted a Test Engineer for Antarctica.


Kam said...

The job sounds interesting. Hard and Hot Heart is required to apply for this post to enjoy the beauty of seals and icy mountains.


Lejo said...

I can change washers and tap...
Do they arrange everything for the Visa..??

How many flights I have to change...Any direct flights...??
Wil they sponsor my flight tickets...??

In Short.....Where did u see that Add....May be I ask them all details...