Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whither went the day ?

Many a time, many a day, when light meets dark, when it is time for the birds to go home, I wonder, whither went the day. Sometimes, it went off searching the net, sometimes browsing, sometimes reading just one paper, sometimes, a few pages in a text book, sometimes sulking about how it is not enough......... whither went the day?

Questions arise: Did I do enough for the day ? Could I have done more ? Did I concentrate enough ? Or, did I throw away time ? But, whither went the day ? And then sets in remorse. Remorse for not having done enough which ends the day!!!


Lejo said...

Whither went the day???....hmmm....

That is not the query we have to sit and ponder on............I guess..

I feel.....I think.......

Its not the Hours we spend .... that counts.... but the hours from the magic number 24 hour cycle of nature we utilized it .. making ourself content .. happy.. and in a way give us a reason to live for an another beautiful, wonderful and a surprising another magic number 24... of tomorrow..

" Yesterday is gone .. Its Past...
No one has seen tomorrow ...Its Future..
Today is a gift .... you have...Thts why its called a "Present"
- Anonymous

Have a great Wonderful 24 hours... forever..

Kam said...

unexpected acceptable exceptions make the day.
It's true.