Saturday, September 27, 2008


I wondered whether I should be going for the Onam celebrations because of the 'Where do I belong factor ?' Decided, that belonging is relative - go to a place and there will be atleast one small way in which you belong to that place and environment. I did belong there - the music and the thiruvathira kali are my favourites. I can't pinpoint what exactly lures me to Kerala - Guruvayoorapan, the temples with the sopana sangeetham, the chendamelam and the panchavadyam, the elephants at Punnathoor Kota or the beauty(in nature, art & architecture).

Yesterday, I was twice lucky. One, the evening starting with the cultural event and ending with the sadhya was great. And second, I met an old student of mine. No, the student is not old. She must be 24. Old student because of the old days. Days when I was not a student and she not an IT professional, like now. It was a second of confusion and exhuberance together. Confusion because for one second for I couldn't place her in the new settings and exhuberance because I was happy and overjoyed to meet a student of mine doing well. There was not much time to talk and ask about her life and work. But then, those few minutes turned me nostalgic - of the days when it was fun (not that I am having less fun now). Fun teaching and being young, by being with the young. Hers was a class I found totally different from the batches before. They were kids - all of them. Some scared, some trying to behave like adults, some still the pranksters they always must have been(wonder how their school teachers managed them). They were not smart in the ways of the world - they were pretty much raw. Times when a teacher realizes the immense responsibility in their hands - of guiding and moulding them to be the best, in what they want to achieve. This kid has grown and still not changed. She talks the same way, mannerisms are the same. But then, what did I expect - to see a totally different person ?

Meeting students is joy - joy in learning about their success, joy in seeing them happy, joy in seeing them proud of what they have achieved, joy in listening to their ideas of the future. That is the reward of being in the profession. Definitely it is joy(surprise too) when they tell you that they are married and have kids. That is one point when as a teacher, I realize that the kids have really grown up and I, a little more old. But then, even that is momentary. Get back to college, and you feel like you are 18..........

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Kam said...

Precious is the 'Hi'- story. I mean the High story. Its always a pleasure to know the well being of any body. Its a special theme if it is about a student.

My sir told me about his feelings in his mail. When i wrote a mail from my heart to my teacher on his birthday.

He wrote:

"It's really nice to see your mail, to be frank your e-mail is the best gift to me on my 40 th birthday. Thanks. When my students grow as responsible citizens of India and settle in very good jobs and remember me and feel that i too played a role in their life and career, what else i can expect as a lecturer! I feel as if the purpose of my life is achieved.

I want my students to be emotionally strong and not to depend on anybody for any decisions in their lives. After all its your Life. I have taken a vow not to be biased in my treatment towards the students. I keep my feelings and priorities to myself. I love each and every student. God has given me a very good quality , you know what it is. “Not to hate anybody”."

I know the heart of a teacher madam. I really enjoy reading the blogs which are real and unusual.

Thanks for bearing my stories in comments.