Friday, November 28, 2008

India hurt

News unfolded
On TV and paper
Blood splashed
Bullets sprayed
Grenades exploded
Terror unleashed.

Wondered who
Could fathom something
As gory as this.
Wondered who
Could plan crudely
Death such as this.

Wondered how
Human beings as these
Were born as such.
Wondered what
Neurons collided
Creating thoughts thus.

Time we rise
As one nation, Indian
As one race, Human
With one religion, Love
In one language, Compassion.

Will we ?
Time we did.


Leonardo said...

I'm sad to watch the news about India. I (naively) hope a solution can be found as soon as possible.

Religion... I keep wondering wether we need that at all. In what does it help? I have no answer.

Best wishes my friend.

Sapna said...

True Leonardo. I wish people who believe in religion keep it personal. But then, the history of the world shows otherwise. Despite so many wars waged in the name of religion, man is still to learn. Same with all places of worship. And, sadly history keeps repeating itself.

Lejo said...

Religion or Us - whom to be accounted for.....

Me tired of thinking...

Arun said...

What happened is a reflection of the cruelty of man.
Inflicting hurt for the sake of hurt is a capability that separates all other living beings from man - only man can claim the dubious honour of carrying this trait.
Can a Human Being really disreagrd the suffering of citizens who are hurt by these attacks?
In whose name can you make an innocent, unconnected fellow inhabitant of earth be a victim?
In whose name can you make that inhabitant's beloveds suffer?
Is that person who can do this without loved ones, without feelings, without empathy?

War fought between trained armies are itself questionable; but at least that is what the involved people have been trained for.
Why are other people to bear the effect of these actions?

And then are we to simply remain silent spectators?
What can we do?
How can we change this monstrous mentality?
How are we to remain sheilded from these atrocities?
Why are world wide organizations waiting (patiently!) until the number of people maimed and killed by these dastardly activities rise above an unbearable number?

Concluding thought: How long will this be remembered?

Kam said...

I am disgusted with the scene. No words are coming out to talk about the wild attack by few animals in the name of ??????? what?

Just felt like join the Indian army learn shooting and go fire every dog who is really responsible for this firing...

No answer. Not even the religion. It is something like an activity of adamant who wants to achieve what he wants but which is not at all needed by any human in the world other than him.

Just ignore my comment madam. I stopped reading about this event even in news. I'm getting razed and my forehead is folded.