Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Golden Sieve

A golden sieve
I received one night
By chance I'd say
For a brief period of time.

Gathered all the priced gems
Added the smaller ones too
Putting it to use
Went swish, swish, swish.

At the end of it
Was surprised to see
Among the many leftovers
One of the most priced gems.

With sorrow I picked
To find it cracked
The most priced gem
Alas was nothing worth.

Wonder of wonders
The less priced ones
Were lying on the floor
Sparkling in all splendour.

Just to realize
Life's teaching
The folly in picking
Adding to the pain.

I lay battered
Bruised and cut
Heart broken for sure
Unbelieving still my eyes.

I know I will rise
Stronger and wise
For life's lessons
Are strong and right.

1 comment:

Leonardo said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.