Friday, January 23, 2009


Long ago, I read about someone (I don't remember his name) who made a wishlist of all the things he wanted to do in this life. And he has been fulfilling them - ticking them off one after another. From then on, it has been on my mind and I have been adding things to my wishlist. Some of them are far fetched, I know. Still, I have fulfilled some, and am on the way to achieving others. Like, 'Travel to Europe' came true when I visited Trento, Italy. Climibing a mountain also came true when we trekked Mt. Marzola and Mt. Bondone, though with Mt. Bondone, we did not go all the way to the peak. Again, walking alone on the road without fear at 12 is something I did at Trento. Waiting for a day when I can do it at home. I am currently doing my Ph.D. So, have started off. Hopefully, someday, I will look for items missed out rather than pick from many...... There are some which are weird and which I may turn away from later. So, to not leave any option, I thought it best to publish it. A dare on myself. Arun, I know I will always have your support - but now, maybe I will need a push. No promises, only tries.

Boring, life would be, if not for our wildest wishes, fantasies and dreams. So, to life.............(say cheers!!!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

where is the list.!!!
I was hoping you would list out the things..!!

Anonymous said...

where is the wish list..!!
i was hoping you would actually list out the things...

Anonymous said...

ok my bad..!! i was looking at the wrong side of the page!!!
Antarctica and the fighter jet look a little scary but the rest are pretty achievable.. I truly wish u could strike out the above 2.. the rest are just too easy..!!! ;)

Kam said...

Cheers Madam!

Hope you do the Bungee jump very soon. That's one of my favs that i want to perform at least once.

I will write my list today.