Friday, March 20, 2009

The wedding between a crow and a bird

A saying in India, if it rains when the sun is shining high. That is what happened today. Peak summer, the afternoon was scorching. And then at 4:00 p.m., one heard the sound of thunder. It rained, with the sun still shining. It reminded me of the old saying, something I heard from my mom when I was a kid. "Kaakakum kuruvikum kalyanam" (in Malayalam). The same exists in Tamil too. I asked her then what it meant - of how a crow can marry a bird. She told me that it was metaphorical. Thinking again of the saying, it probably spoke of the variances in nature. Of the differences we have and how to coexist. Of how two people may not be alike but can do things together. Beauty and the beast, remember. Of love maybe, of friendship across language, colour, cultures, religion ...... I have heard that there are similar sayings in other cultures. We the human kind think so much alike despite the differences we have.

Old men were wise, weren't they. Just that we aren't ready to listen maybe, and think a wee little bit.

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