Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cooked up

Some of the things I've been cooking. Thought I might need an opinion.

1. Don't start anything with "Think I can manage it". Means you can't. Start with "I can do it" and manage if there is a need to.

2. Yes, you've been told: "Be patient. Give people another chance". No one said it has to be the same person all the time.

3. Always have a count: for the number of chances you give someone who is not nice to you. Else, it will become a habit.

4. If you find yourself telling "I am bored" too many times, it means you are not trying hard enough - to do something different.

5. If you feel down, try looking at things you did not care to see everyday. Forget the people and the familiar. A smile will return.

6. Never use the word 'never'. You never know.


Leonardo said...

Nice dishes!

Sapna said...


Thanks. Of course, the names sound good. Also, they smell good. The important part is that they taste good. Anyways, learning and a long way to go.

Would the philosopher in you like to add something ?

Kam said...

1. This is tasty. I now understand how to make it. I have to learn to cook this tastier.

2. I would like to add little spice. The chance may be given to the same person but not for the same cause all the time.

3. Yes. If not measured the taste turns hard.

4. A perfect blend.

5. Ah! This is a cool ice cream on a sunny evening.

6. ever tasty.

This is amazing.
Everybody knows so many things. Many people understand few things.
Very few among them learn very few things.

I feel happy when i come across a text that appreciates learning.