Friday, June 12, 2009

Fond Reminiscences - Crisscross

When I saw a plane, leaving a streak in the clear sky, it reminded me of Trento. The first few days left me dazed and amazed. The first day, especially, I used to jump, thinking that the planes above had every chance of crashing even though I knew that they would be separated by a safe distance.

Picture taken at the Piazza Duomo, Trento.

(Thanks to Rohin for the picture.)


The S c o r p said...

Dear ma'am,

great to c ur blog. I was totally unaware abt it and waz really surprised ! I'm in d middle of a tiresome travel to chennai from pondy.. So can't read it now. Wil go thru d blog tomo..

PS:- don't get bamboozled by d nick name.. This's Rajesh.. :-)

Kam said...

Picture is amazing.