Sunday, June 21, 2009

Looking 10 years younger

It is demoralizing and partly insulting to be treated like a kid by a person who is behaving like one. It is difficult when you cannot get your point across, not because of lack of knowledge, not because of the lack of experience, but just because you don't look like you have it. A person looking younger than their age would definitely ask: "Is it my fault that I don't look my age ?"

Last week when my cousin spoke to me about how no one took her seriously, how her looks defined the way people treated her, I thought...... I have heard that before.

Why is it that we attach so much importance to appearances ? Why is it that our behaviour and attitude towards a person changes when we know their age and experience. Why is it that we want to look youthful but would treat someone who looks young at face value ? Is "appearance" the definition of a person ?


The S c o r p said...

Well, I've seen the reason to be juz one point - Chauvinism. Most males always think that they must have the final point. And wen they don hv any more points to a female's argument, they juz conclude that the frmale is immature. I've seen this a lot, and I think it's only Chauvinism. .

Sapna said...

The matter does not pertain to men alone. Even women treat their compatriots who look younger than their age similarly. We can see it in family circles too. It's like this: they treat someone who looks 15 at 25 like their were 15. But if someone behaves like 25 at 15, they respect them for their maturity rather than see that they skipped 10 years of fun.

The S c o r p said...

Personally, I think once the younger ones substantiate their points, our mind knows that they are true. Only that we tend to ignore them juz coz we don't wanna be treated as ignorant in front of the younger ppl. Anywayz, let's hope this will change..