Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May Flies

This is the time of the year when one sees the May Flies. They come in huge colonies especially after a rain. But, it is a sad scene to see. One sees them in the evening hovering around the tube lights. They shed their wings and then they die. All of them. In hundreds.

Every time I see this phenomena, I am left wondering about their life. Philosophically, we can say it represents that life is short and it is to be lived well. But then, did they know that their life is to be so short. If they knew, would they have come out at all. What was their life like till they flew out of their nests. Would they have done something different if they knew that their life was so short ?

Non animal lovers would tell me that they do not have the sense to think on such lines. I believe otherwise. Their wings lie all over, covering the floor. A small gust of wind makes them rise and fly all around. Yes, now it is trash but just a few hours before, they belonged to someone, they had the power of flight.

Again, no answers, just questions ?


Leonardo said...

Humans are, as far as we know, the only animals that realize they'll die sooner or later. That realize it all ends. That is why we have this desire to "transcend" ordinary life. Even if for doing so, we need to invent or believe in imaginary beings, places or realities. The flies are just automata ;).

Sapna said...

You said it right, "As we Know". How much we know about other animals, their modes of communication, the universe.....
Flies are automata !! That is rude, to the flies.

Having lived with dogs, cats, cows and rabbits, I've learnt that all of them communicate among themselves. Death is something they all know very well. I remember that everytime a dog at home is about to die, the others meet the dog and then stay away. It always used to be an indicator of the little time left.

So, I strongly believe otherwise. Maybe they accept the cycle of life and death better than us.