Friday, August 28, 2009

Time Passes By

It was only yesterday
When I saw a new land
Met new people
Made friends
Thinking ties will last
As strong and close
For a lifetime.

Seasons have changed
Time has passed by
I find myself wondering
Yes, memories are fresh
As has always been with me
Conversations crystal clear
But, I know I am out of touch
With reality for sure.

Reality, I do not know
Know not how they are
I hope all are happy
Can only hope
Communication so easy yet hard
Chatting so little
Seeing impossible.

It's so sad sometimes
When I look back
At that beautiful limited time
Knowing it's never going to be the same
It's never going to happen again
It's becoming a dream
Happened in distant land.

It was only yesterday
Wasn't it ?

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