Monday, January 11, 2010

Captured in the mind

Usual morning habit of going out on the terrace to brush my teeth. To see birds, to breath in the fresh air, to be one, with nature. Those moments in the morning are the best in my day which is otherwise spent in the confines of concrete, glued to a chair and forced to watch the screen.

So, this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. There were three birds, all Chemboth's. The crow pheasant is what they are called in English. I saw one on a tree and heard the song of another. A moment later, one more joined. So, two on a tree and still another was singing. Then came along a third and another was singing still. Happy to see so many of them at one go, I watched them as I was brushing my teeth. Finished brushing my teeth and reality hit me. I was late in going to that messy mess to get my breakfast. Already eight, I would have to wait for half an hour to get my breakfast before getting ready to go to work. So, off I went thanking for the beautiful vision in the morning.

And in this eternal hurry of getting earthly things, I forgot that one thing - to capture this rare moment where I could see three of the Chemboth's on camera; a sight as these shy birds always are seen hidden in the branches of trees, entertaining those who care to listen with their beautiful songs. So, I lost it. Lost it in the hurry that man is today, having so little time to see all the beauty him.

Living in this jungle, I wonder how I am going to adapt to the concrete when I finish the PhD and get back to work. Of how unpleasant it would be to wake up only to see walls all around. Uffa !

I'm going to miss this university - yes for the people, but more for the beauty she holds, the magic she shows to those who care to take a moment off.

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