Friday, April 30, 2010

Sport Quote

The game of cricket has become all pervading, bringing everything to a standstill. No, not in a good way. With students getting distracted during exams, to office goers tuned full-time to the game, besides others, it has become a nuisance, according to me. And then came the IPL with all its paraphernalia. David Lloyd, a cricketer sums up what cricket and the IPL means to the English, who invented the game(Quote courtesy: The Hindu dtd April 29,2010). They have lost interest, but we, Indians still suffer the bad after effects of colonialism. Not just us, cricket has become a sort of religion in our part of the world. Given the politics, money laundering and the match fixing scandals, it hardly can be termed a sport anymore, much to the pain of real cricket lovers. Still, a day or five lost on cricket is hardly understandable.

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Arun said...

Where else will you find that a ball speed of 180 km/hr is glorified when a Tennis serve goes up to 220 km/hr and a Badminton smash travels at 300 km/hr?
Where else can you have players finding the time to sign autographs while a match is going on?
Where else would you have the time to refill your lunch / dinner plate and never miss any action?
Where else will you find action every two minutes for 10 seconds? - This translates to action for 35 minutes in a seven hour playing day! What happened in the balance 6 hours and 25 minutes???