Friday, April 30, 2010

Dogs bark

Last evening, riding by on my bicycle, I saw stray dogs barking at a German shepherd accompanying his owner. It reminded me of another day, many years ago.

One morning (in 2001), I had just alighted from the Niligiri express from Chennai to Coimbatore, and walked down to the bus stop. As I was waiting for a bus to take me to CIT, where I stayed those days, I found a small group of stray dogs barking. They were a group of 6-7 and were in the middle of the road. I turned to find that these dogs were turning back and barking, then running again. I strained my neck a little more and lo what a site.

There they were, the police dogs, Dobermans and German Shepherds, on leash with their trainers, neatly in line, marching to perfection on their morning walk. In rows of four, they occupied one lane of the road. And march they did, unmindful of the stray dogs ahead of them, barking at them. Eyes looking straight ahead, not one of them bothered, not one of them took an inch more, not one perked their ears up or growled. They marched unmindful of the barks, unmindful of us people wide-eyed, admiring them. Such was their poise and grace. They beat the stray dogs hollow, they won our hearts.

It was a shame that I didn't have my camera. A moment lost is lost but that's why god gave us something called memory, no doubts.

Hats off to those dogs. Learnt a lesson that day. Don't get swayed by a small breeze or a wayward bark. Keep your eyes on the goal.


Leonardo said...

Wow. That is great writing. Feels like watching a movie or something. Very nice.

Cheers my friend!

கருந்தேள் கண்ணாயிரம் said...

Well.. I too have seen the stray dogs trying to quarrel with high breed dogs, and it reminds me of something which has been happening in our country. .

The insecured, poor people.. getting beaten by the society around them, and they, in turn, show that hatred towards the high-class society. . Somehow this thought occupies my mind after reading this post..

Sapna said...

Thanks Leo. All with your blessings my friend. :)

Sapna said...


That's interesting. A different view of the same situation. And related to a societal problem.