Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life is Beautiful

I love elephants. Huge yet humble, large yet handsome, they are what you can call epitomising might without wearing it on your sleeves. One of the reasons I love going to Guruvayoor is the same. Yes, always a little sad that those who should be roaming free in the forest are chained. Thank god the temple has stopped accepting new elephants. Hope the temple thinks of acquiring land with its huge resources and making it an elephant sanctuary or adopting an elephant sanctuary. That would serve the purpose.

The below is a video of an elephant taken in the wild. He was happy standing there on the rock till we disturbed him.


bg said...

i remember visiting an elephant yard in guruvayur, i guess it's been run by the temple trust... saw some old retired ones fed and taken care, the ones in Must, new borns... facilities include open shower, running stream, elephant size bathing pools and loads of trees all around :-)

Sapna said...

Yes, that is the Punathoor Kavu. In the middle there is an old palace. They have around 60 elephants there. The temple has acquired land around as it was not enough. However, it is so much more spacious, there is a pond where the elephants are taken for a bath. It's a nice place. And yes, Appu, the Asian games mascot was taken care there. She couldn't rest herself and had to stand continuously due to an accident. She was taken care of by the temple there. She couldn't have found a better home for sure. Still, it's not like the forest.

Also, the temple has enough money to get elephants. The rich and famous were bringing young elephants from the wild and giving to the temple. The temple did the right thing by discouraging the practice.

Also, in Top Slip, where there is an elephant sanctuary, the elephants are left free at night. They go into the jungle and are brought back in the morning for work. One step better, still, they are meant to be free. I guess that is a right human beings reserve for themselves.

Kam said...

My revisit to your blog - Wow! a beautiful welcome madam!