Monday, May 24, 2010

What's it between monkeys and dogs ?

Last sunday evening, coming out of the department, I found a pack of four dogs, barking and trying to climb up the tree. I looked up and there were two monkeys on the tree. No, don't sympathize with the monkeys as yet. They were no less. One of them, was fooling around jumping from one branch to another or by coming halfway down the tree just to get the dogs a little more agitated. And there was another one, breaking away the dried up and small branches and flinging at the dogs barking below with precision. This went on till the dogs got tired of it and went a distance away to rest.

The monkey waited for sometime and after fifteen minutes, when the dogs showed no interest, got bored I guess. He came down the tree and sat on the ground. Still, the dogs showed no interest. So, he chattered a bit, getting the dogs attention. The dogs got ready for the charge. And when they were nearly there, he shot up the tree and they, the twosome returned back to their old tricks. This went on for how long, I know not for I realized that either side would not give up. So, I clicked a few photos and then went my way.

Cycling down the roads, where trees other than the neem, peepal and tamarind stand lifeless I remembered my most loving dog, Michael. There was a Jamun tree at home, with a branch that was low. This was a huge piece of land where my dad indulged in his passion for the bovine and the canine. Michael was young and he was loved by us as well as all the cows. They even let him drink milk from them.

One day came a former self of the type homo sapien, a monkey. He had a long, long tail. Michael immediately set himself the task of guarding his territory. The monkey wouldn't budge and started playing. He lay down on the horizontal branch of the the Jamun and let his long tail down. Michael seeing this, calculated the height and started walking a few yards away. He started and then paced down the stretch ending with a high jump to catch the monkey's tail. At the right time, the monkey would lift his tail up with his hands and chatter, laughing at Michael. This routine went on and on till I realized that I couldn't make what they were upto. Why was the monkey putting his tail down if he didn't want it caught and why was Michael chasing when he knew that he wouldn't be able to catch it. No amount of calling out to Michael to give up worked.

Seeing the same repeated today, I again wondered, 'What's it between monkeys and dogs ?'

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