Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lesson from a Red Vented Bulbul - Day 3

The process of building a nest continues.  I find that only one of them builds the nest.  The other one(bigger of the two) sits nearby and watches as the nest is built.  Of course, when the smaller one goes to collect twigs, they go together.

From the above, I surmise that it is the female that builds the nest.  No, the husband is caring.  He brought in his beak something and called out to her.  So, I guess he is getting food for her as she is busy building their home.  

Also, as the nest is being built, this little bird sits in her nest and moves in all directions.  I wondered what she is upto first, but then reasoned the following:

a.  She has to live in the nest and hence is testing the strength.
b.  It must be the right size and depth as it must hold the eggs as well as the bird.

So, as the nest is being built, I sit here, looking out of the window, marvelling at nature.  How she teaches different beings what is needed to survive.  I am also working, slow as a snail, but working, motivated by this small bird.  I have started believing she is a God send, as I had not been working at all and was getting demotivated.  So, a good sign.

Now, at five minutes to four, it has started drizzling.  So, work has stopped.  I don't find them coming anymore.  Guess, they've decided against working in the rain.

I wanted to take a photo but that would involve opening the window nearby.  I am apprehensive that if I disturb them, they might leave the nest.  Shall try tomorrow.

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