Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lesson from a Red Vented Bulbul - Day 5

There is hardly any work going on today on the nest.  The birds also have not come so far.  Wondering what happened and there is no way I can look inside the nest, given its position.

Found another one's nest near the stairs leading to the terrace.  So, tried taking snaps when the bird was away.  First time, when I started walking up, the bird flew away.  But my camera batteries failed me.  So, second time I went when the bird was not there, took two snaps and rushed down. 
I didn't want the bird thinking I am an intruder and abandon her nest, nor did I want the eggs to loose life.

The amazing thing is that the eggs are so small and are the colour of chocolates, dotted though.  Reminded me of cadbury's choclolates or the nutties.

There was another nest, though not as stable as this one and empty. 

The birds have not laid their eggs still.  The other one is waiting for her neighbours to come.

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