Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lesson from a Red Vented Bulbul - Day 1

Today, right now, I sit here in my workplace, feeling down.  For one, the cramps on my legs from today morning still hurt.  Second, the fire and urge to work is not there today and is becoming a habit nowadays.  So, I am doing my favourite thing - watching the world outside the window, daydreaming, as befits my name.  Right next to where I sit, is the window.  I always leave the venetian blinds where I sit open, so that I get to see the world, the forest, green and full of life.  This place is the favourite of a lot of birds due to the density of shrubs and dearth of mankind walking around.  It is my favourite because I get to watch them, everyday, whenever I feel like it.  I get to see the games they play, listen to their calls and see them taking rest on a hot day.  They also come to drink water from the airconditioner outlet right next to the window. 

So, as I watch out, I see two Red Vented Bulbuls trying to build a nest on the aircondition power and cooling lines that go from near ground level past the sunshade onto the roof.  One of them is sitting on a tree closeby while the other has a twig in her mouth.  There are two fat lines and she is trying to build a nest at the bend close to the ceiling of the sunshade.  She tries the first time, the twig falls off.  Hardly has the twig reached the ground, she flies down, picks it up and is back.  She tries again and the twig falls again.  She swoops down again, picks up the twig and comes back.  A third time and still she fails.  Then she flies off.  I think, she has given up.  But no, in a matter of seconds, she is back.  This time with a twig that is not straight but curved.  Oh boy, has she brains.  She tries to push the twig through the two wires.  It falls off and she tries again like the previous time.  And again and again.  No chance.  So she then flutters around the lines and the sunshade surveying the place, trying to see I guess what will keep the twig in place.  Amazing.  She is continuing to do this still, as I write and I am hoping she gets it right.  She will I am sure.

A tiny bird, weighing hardly an ounce has the perseverance, that I don't.  She wants to build a house and is working on it with so much courage and willpower, something I am not having right now. 

Oh tiny bird, you may be small, but you taught me such an important lesson today.  Hard work pays.  I salute you, your will power, your courage, your perseverance.  You may be tiny but you are amazing and brilliant.