Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Union Carbide, now Dow Chemicals

One morning, I woke up to hear news of the leak in the Union Carbide.  I was only a teenager with not much knowledge of the workings of this world.  But what I learnt that day was an eyeopener about this world.  The real world.  Where big corporations for profit flout safety norms and belittle lives of others.  The pictures on TV and the newspapers was gory.  Poisonous gas leaked one morning in December, 1984.  People died in their sleep, others left alive to live a life of I don't know what to call it.  Have been following what has been happening about the matter and every time there is a mention my ears prick up for the pictures play in my mind still.  The pictures that refuse to fade away.  I wasn't there but still, that is the effect it had.  There are a few heroes in this story too.  Heroes who have been waging a battle against government apathy and a mighty corporation, which continues to exist and do business in this country still, albeit in another name.  Whither justice I have wondered ?

This is Kaliyug according to Hinduism where the battle between good and evil is fought and in Kaliyug, the evil forces are powerful is what they say.  I have grow to believe that seeing how this disaster is being handled.  Yesterday, the judiciary handed over 2 year punishments to people who killed over 20,000 and over a half a million with diseases unspeakable.  Even generations later, the after effects are there to see.  Whither justice.  Yes, she is blind but then, I feel now that she has turned deaf and heartless too.  The Chairman of Union Carbide is said to be an absconding person, according to the US and Indian government, when actually he lives in a sprawling mansion known to everyone.  Forget the US government, what is our government doing ?  We bend over backwards to accomodate them, other governments, their policies and the mighty corporations. 

I guess, in India, the life of a commonman like me is worth nothing.  It just makes up numbers.  A few thousand more, a few thousand less makes no difference, especially to the mighty and rich, especially to the politicians.  For them it is all a game of numbers.  Why not, public memory is so short.  They can afford such games.  Such apathy towards human life coming from a country which was built on such great principles is shameful to see.  I can say no more.

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கருந்தேள் கண்ணாயிரம் said...

I too heard the news, and I was not surprised at all.. For, in a country which thrives on shameful, ugly politics, anything is possible..

My personal view : People like keshub mahindra and Kasab must be tied naked in public and must be stoned to death. This is my personal view. I don't agree with the law punishing them with a soft death sentence with the rope , or a life imprisonment.

Well, I hv long lost something called pride about India. I hate this country like anything, and I will continue to do so.. forever..