Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life changes tracks

Well, sometime in life, we change tracks.  Not that the two are disconnected totally, but it leads us in two different directions.  So, it is here.  From being a full-time researcher, I move on to being a part-time researcher.  In the process, I realize that a researchers life is bliss.  You sit and read work by people, then dream a bit about what you want to do and finally settle for what is possible to be done as of now and postpone the rest to future work.  In the process of research, a lot of elements come into play.  You read a bit on philosophy, a bit of literature, and ask a lot of questions because you are being conditioned to ask questions thereby irritating beyond repair people around you who have no clue of what's happened with you.  However, you enjoy this phase as it helps you bring your creativity to the fore.  For one, there is no such thing as time in a researcher's life.  If you feel like working now, at 4:00 a.m. in the morning, then yes, go for it.  There is no better time.  Sleep can be postponed. 
Change of track and the real world welcomes you.  For one, time is an important factor.  9:00 means 9:00 and the practical world steps forward and the idealistic world a little backwards.  It jolts you when the change is radical.  It is so here.  Having moved into teaching full time, research is taking a back seat and I am not ready to let my good friend take a back seat as yet.  I feel like I am not working at all though I teach.  My brain protests at the lack of food.  It also protests when something not very interesting is fed in.  It's a strange feeling, but that is the way it is.  I itch to pick my research papers and start again. 
Life was bliss as a researcher.  And the university gave me an ideal mix.  Computer science, music, drama, literature, and the perfect environment.  Can only idolize the life gone by.

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