Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Small things in life

Driving up to work, I saw a small boy, dressed up in his school uniforms standing on the side of the road.  His checked shirt and red shorts, were ironed stiff.  I wondered about the socks and shoes in this tropical summer.  As I drew close, I found he had his book and lunch bag right next to him, indicating he was waiting for the school bus to pick him up. 

What interested me was him trying to click his fingers.  He was intent on the activity, all concentration.  Guess he couldn't get the sound as he clicked his fingers.  This made me remember two things:  one, the first time I tried it out in school.  It was fun.  A bunch of us from the class started trying and continued for some time competing who could click loudest.  Second memory related to the same was that of my niece, Deeksha.  She had this habit of touch and feeling everything.  I had 'Lee' embroidered on my red T-shirt.  She came up, sat on my lap and then started using he forefinger to feel the embroidery.  It went on till she satisfied herself.  Then, she was off as something else had interested her.  This went on for sometime till she wanted to use her leg to feel things.  That is when things got a little serious as she didn't understand the working of something called 'gravity' and the need to 'maintain balance'.  After a few falls and the attention of a worried mother, she had satisfied herself. 

Nature has its own way of teaching its children things.  Birds learning to fly, a calf running helter skelter the days after she is born, an elephant calf not understanding the trunk she has and wringing it in all directions.  So it is with human beings.  How similar we are in the scheme of things ?  Yet we think we are different, superior.

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