Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hyderabad a U.S. visa fraud hub

This news item reminded me of a chat I had with a friend who was going to the U.S.  for higher studies.  He told me about how his father's bank account statement would not suffice to get a visa as his father had an account in a cooperative bank only, according to the agent.  This despite his father being a land lord and having enough money in his account.  Only nationalised bank statements were allowed.

In this regard, I asked him about students whose parents would not have a fat balance.  He told me that the agent would create such accounts and give them the statement.  Land records(not belonging to them) as well to show that their is enough money available at home in case of trouble i.e. funding studies would not be a problem.  However, many of such students would have to earn their living in the U.S. and study as well in reality.

So, this news item that Hyderabad is one of the visa fraud hubs is no new news. 

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