Thursday, April 7, 2011

PAC, JPC, CBI, ....

First it was the PAC.  Then, the CBI.  Then, the JPC.  Too many in a basket and they start fighting.  The boundaries no longer exist.  That the goal is the same does not matter.  It is clamoring for who is bigger, mightier.  For us on this side, the tax paid going waste makes us revolt.  How much of money is being spent on so many commissions - so many people, each in different committees.  And how long are they going to heat their seats..  like any other commission does.

Then, there are the people.  Some from business houses that stood at one time for ethics and social responsibility reduced to nothing overnight.  What champions of that age built over a few generations squandered away on a whim.  What else should I say ?  Then, there are those we know are masters of the game.  Who walk in and out of inquiries as though it were an everyday matter.  So much so that, a visit by the CBI was claimed as a routine matter.  Nothing to bother about.

Above the loss of money on these scams,  some more is thrown away on what I sometimes feel as staged dramas.  If the same was divided and given to some villages, they will have water, solar lights, roads and drains built.

The drama will go on till the public gets satiated or tired of it.  Then, once it passes from public memory, it will be conveniently swept under the carpet.  By that time, the actors in these plays would have grown fat.  And then, the wait for another of these PACs and JPCs.

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