Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hoping against Hope

It has been ruminating in my mind for a few days in my mind.  My whole being is being churned - thinking of it.  I don't know why but I place a lot of hope on people, especially students.  I hope they will grow, they will see and they will learn.  I tell them often that the word 'success' and 'succeed' and 'achieve' are all relative - it is dependent on each individual.  You can't have one scale for everyone because we are all born with some inherent talent, and given our environment and background, we acquire a lot more that shapes each of us.  Also, this inherent talent is useless until you have discovered it and honed it.  Finally, nothing comes without hard work.  A person may be good at singing, but only practice makes perfection.  Instead, if she/he is going to think that talent will carry them far, it is only a heuristic (may succeed/may not succeed).

So, if you are in education especially, you will have a class that is mixed - some bright, some not so bright but very hardworking, some average, some below average.  In all this, there are quite a bunch who are technically sound or otherwise, scared to communicate for their background and environment did not give them that scope.  To overcome this, I try enforcing things in class.  One thing I do enforce is that 9 - 5 students try to talk in English.  Yes, it is not a native tongue.  However, for a student aspiring to be a Software Engineer, basic communication skills are essential to survive on the job. 

Mind you, I have nothing against Indian languages.  Emotions especially, I find it difficult to articulate in English for many a time I feel that the word is too light or too strong for what I wish to convey.  However, for survival we need to know to communicate in English.  With this focus in mind, I try to enforce it in class so that those who are disadvantaged can overcome it before they set foot on the threshold of placement.  In all this, what I find defeating is that the privileged (those with English education) don't walk their way in doing something for the larger good.  A little sensitivity, understanding and patience is all it needs to help their colleague's take a jump.  However, that is sometimes a major hurdle.  

So, I move, trying to work it out differently, hoping against hope and searching for a glimmer in that darkness.  I remember Srikanth, that boy who had it in him to try and did succeed and the class that stood with him.  He is the picture I remember when I feel like giving up.  I still hope against hope, for I have one success story and I know it can be replicated manifold.

You can be rich without being rich

This news affirms our faith in humanity, ethics and being rich - the right way.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow in Andhra

I lived in Hyderabad for four years, and one of the things I remember very well was the extreme weather - while it is extremely hot in summer (40 degrees + ), it is very cold in winter (7 degrees).  I had a sun stroke and it took a toll on my health.

However, the news of snow falling in Ranga Reddy district is suprising.

It is bizzard especially for a place that is so hot.  Imagine foot thick snow in Andhra - I would have laughed at it and even did so now till I saw the news and the pictures.

Nature controls us - not the other way around.