Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anti-Ragging Law - Just so that we can say we have a law too.

The news about four students who ragged Aman Kachroo to death will be freed on good conduct even before the only four years of rigorous imprisonment they got is a shock.  Why have a law then and go through the motions of running a case ?  It is an utter waste of time.  Like what happened in the Navarasu case.  The accused went free for lack of evidence, despite the fact that he had killed and chopped his juniors body to pieces for resisting being ragged.

If people after committing a crime as serious can get back their lives (here, go back to med school and complete the course) then, where is the deterrent ?  The only problem is that they cannot go for a government job.  How many doctors, especially those from affluent families go for a government job and are willing to be posted in remote areas ?  So, is this a criteria at all.

When a student copies in an exam, they are debarred for a semester.  When the same activity is repeated, they can get debarred from the course and out of the college/university and never study there again.  So, comparatively, does the Ragging Law have any teeth ?  Is it a strong enough deterrent to stop people from ragging fellow students ?  Just signing an affidavit (as is required now) is no strong deterrent.  What might be a deterrent I am not sure.

Many argue that forgiveness is a virtue.  But can I tell that to the parents of the kid who died ?  Even if they in their largeness of heart, forgive, can the law do so ? If yes, will it be able to stop a repetition of such a crime.

So, can we as a system allow perpetrators of a crime go free and reclaim their old lives just because they stayed quiet in jail.  Besides, Indian jails are known for all kind of luxury if you know where to give and who to give as demonstrated so many times in news reports.

Only questions, no answers.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists

Centre for Science & Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) has called for applications.  Applicable if you are interested to work in a research establishment in India.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What is debugging ?

I had asked the below question for a test, and this is what I got !!!
'Represent the process of debugging diagramatically'.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Dhyan Chand - the Wizard of Hockey !

I started reading about Dhyan Chand wanting to know about who is this man and why is he held in such high esteem.  I have heard about him from my Dad but then, this (written by Rajesh Kalra) makes me want to see his game.  

  • At Berlin Olympics in 1936, when India played its first game, word went around that a wizard was at work on the hockey field and it drew spectators from other venues. A German newspaper carried a headline: The Olympic complex now has a magic show too. Posters were put up all over Berlin asking people to watch a show like never seen before.
  • At one occasion, a lady spectator said if he was such a wizard, could he play with her walking stick. Dhyan Chand did, and scored goals, with the walking stick.
  • Apparently in 1935 at Adelaide, Australia’s hockey capital, Dhyan Chand and cricket great Donald Bradman came face to face. After watching him play, the Don remarked: He scores goals like runs in cricket.
  • And of course, the most celebrated story of how Hitler, after watching his stupendous performance at Berlin Olympics, offered him the German citizenship and also a promotion in the German army. Of course, Dhyan Chand refused.
How I wish we had such stalwarts today, who talked through their work.  I wouldn't have had to look around so much for heroes and inspiration..... No will the current generation have to.

Law in India Vs World

There is a difference in the way law is implemented in India Vs the World.  This is a classic example.

What about the right of the child to a safe and secure life ?  How about parental responsibility  ?