Monday, August 5, 2013

Dhyan Chand - the Wizard of Hockey !

I started reading about Dhyan Chand wanting to know about who is this man and why is he held in such high esteem.  I have heard about him from my Dad but then, this (written by Rajesh Kalra) makes me want to see his game.  

  • At Berlin Olympics in 1936, when India played its first game, word went around that a wizard was at work on the hockey field and it drew spectators from other venues. A German newspaper carried a headline: The Olympic complex now has a magic show too. Posters were put up all over Berlin asking people to watch a show like never seen before.
  • At one occasion, a lady spectator said if he was such a wizard, could he play with her walking stick. Dhyan Chand did, and scored goals, with the walking stick.
  • Apparently in 1935 at Adelaide, Australia’s hockey capital, Dhyan Chand and cricket great Donald Bradman came face to face. After watching him play, the Don remarked: He scores goals like runs in cricket.
  • And of course, the most celebrated story of how Hitler, after watching his stupendous performance at Berlin Olympics, offered him the German citizenship and also a promotion in the German army. Of course, Dhyan Chand refused.
How I wish we had such stalwarts today, who talked through their work.  I wouldn't have had to look around so much for heroes and inspiration..... No will the current generation have to.

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