Thursday, December 25, 2014

In the scheme of the universe

Does it mean anything ?
The first smile of a newborn
The smell of rain on concrete
The breeze between fingers
The sweat pouring down temples
The passing of time
The icecream melting in the mouth
The tingling of excitement
The hopelessness of a wish
The altitude in a plane
The tree devoid of leaves
The fervour of a festival
The parching of the throat
The chanting of a sloka
The feeling of loneliness
The pain on loss
The madness of a crowd
The song of the unknown
The faith in a god
The pang of disappointment
The horror of war
The seed of doubt
The ruthlessness of authority
The vine of life
The might of an ant
The mastery of a craft
The surety of a promise
The presence of a rival
The look of a rainbow
The key sounds of a keyboard
The connection with a painting
The jealousy between colleagues
The beauty of a feather
The courage of a soldier
The stoke of a brush
The might of a pen
The voice inside your head
The stamping of ploughed land
The disgust of infidelity
The pulse of a city
The dirt under the feet
The beat of the heart
The stress of change
The prick of a thorn
The texture of cloth
The colour of the sky
The sting of a bee
The shimmer of the sea
The bite of a child
The call of adhan
The fury of a storm
The snow crunching under boots
The cracking of branches
The positivism of a mirage
The pressure inside tunnels
The glistening of streets
The oncoming of happiness
The sizzle of water on hot pan
The sound of a moo
The ringing of bells
The coziness of a blanket
The fear of dark
The flight of a kite
The belief in a prayer
The drops of water on a flower
The screech of the nail on chalkboard
The shattering of glass
The comb running through hair
The shower when a dog shakes off water
The hiss of a snake
The will to fight
The stickiness of glue
The cracking of egg
The yearn to acquire
The newness in relationship
The screech of brakes
The sense of belonging
The length of boredom
The tune running in your head
The rust that corrodes
The wagging of a tail
The ignition of an engine
The click of a clock
The dripping of water
The cut on the finger
The warmth of a touch
The loneliness around family
The roar of the waves
The magic of lips
The emptiness in words
The chill of the dead
The nausea when tongues wag
The silence when anger explodes
The flipping of a book
The fear of starving
The kindness in a look
The dizziness in heights
The silhouette of walking away
The hurt of harshness
The power of a vision
The randomness of thought
Does it mean anything ?
A thousand such things
The things I feel
The things I do not
In the scheme of the universe.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter in New England

'You have not seen the first thing of cold', she says
Colder.... Colder...., I exclaim

The trees have shed their leaves
The water frozen
The grass brittle
The landscape grey
How much colder..., I exclaim

The geese have moved south
The sparrows migrated
Squirrels have stopped rumaging
The chipmunks gone home
How much colder...., I exclaim

Clothes have been bought
Many layers added
Woollen and fleece
Scarves and caps
How much colder...., I exclaim

Can't feel my fingers
Not my toes
My ears feel brittle
Red is the colour of my nose
How much colder...., I exclaim

Eyes water
Nose leaks
Can't feel it happening
I have started freezing
How much colder..., I exclaim

Of the warm sunshine I dream
The waves lapping at my feet
The kiss of cool gentle breeze
The feel of wind through my clothes
How much colder...., I exclaim