Thursday, October 8, 2015

Are we Kumbhakharna's ?

The recent lynching of a man in a village in UP over a rumour that he ate beef is very painful to hear.  Even more painful is that, we sane thinking Indians do not raise our voice over such atrocities.  What was the crowd thinking ?  How did they forget that they were raising arms against a man whom they probably have known all their lives ?  How did the neighbours forget that it was the same man who shared their joys and sorrows ?  How did they forget that the same man had a son who was standing on our borders ready to protect all of us, come what may ?  How did they forget that he was a human being, having his own beliefs, customs and modes just like them ?  How did they forget to be HUMAN ?

The silence that we maintain is even more deafening ?  The Nirbhaya Movement made many of us believe that violence of any form will not be tolerated.  That India has awakened.  That we, the current generation are different.  Have we gone back to our shells to sleep like Kumbhakharna and awake when there is food that interests us ?  If yes, why are we Kumbhakharna's ?

Every day, as I read the paper, I wonder ?  The dream called 'India', is it impossible ?  Why is it that we are not able to keep our religion, our customs and beliefs inside the four walls of our own home and respect another's ?

Only questions, no answers.

As I look at another batch of students getting ready to go out into the world, I think of the youth of this country.  I hope that they will be a generation that is different from ours.  That they will be bold to call a spade a spade and stand up, at the same time protecting themselves.  We wouldn't want to loose any of them over anything.  I hope they will build a nation where a person can live without fear, not be intimated, not be coerced, not be fooled nor bullied.  Not for money, not over religion, not over beliefs.  

Note :  The opinions are mine and mine only.  No other person can be held responsible for the same.  

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