Friday, May 27, 2016

Size Zero - not natural

After seeing advertisement after advertisement portraying perfect bodies as though they were sculpted, the following one in today's newspaper was a refresher.  Maybe, I am noticing it only now.  

Still most advertisements are the stereotyped ones.  Despite many stores, normal/chain/boutique, having clothes for all sizes, advertisements will show only perfectly sculpted bodies, whether men or women.  Even children are not spared.  One wonders what it is about the human psychology that wishes to have perfect figures.  There are brands catering to the mentality too.  When in the US, a friend told me how the particular store we were standing in front of, in New York, catered only to the young and thin.  Not just to the young.  The owner of the line conformed to the idea and had no qualms about publicizing it either.  

From a young age, children are brought up to think that size 'zero' is the right and perfect body size.  Same with skin colour.  Many of those who do not have, grow up with a feeling of imperfection and consciously or unconsciously aspire to have one.  Isn't this an unnecessary pressure to add to the pressure of growing up, giving exams and trying to follow your dreams.  

Many a time I find young bright minds, being cowed down under the pressure of the physical.  They wear loose clothes, dark clothes, long clothes.  Many put on weight due to health issues over which they have no control.  Some do by eating unhealthy.  Skin colour on the other hand is definitely not in our control till 'Automatic Genetic Modification' as a technology gets built into a person who wishes to have a child.  Either way, societal pressure to reduce weight or become fairer is something that is unnecessary.  

If you have interacted with many people, you will find that those on the heavier side are generally jovial, happy, helpful and are better in taking a joke compared to those on the other side of the spectrum.  So, when personality inside is good, why is there so much focus on the outside ?  

Every time I hear a normal person complain about putting on a few kilos, or find someone on a diet, I think of how hard I try to put on weight.  Being thin is lucky many think.  They do not understand how unhealthy it is or how it feels to be called a skeleton or close to that.  At home, there is constant pressure to eat more.  Doctors have given up on me putting weight, after trying all kinds of medication.  Friends and well wishers give me recipes to try - and I have tried many, including eating curd rice at night, only causing sleepless nights.  Tablets, tonics, cheese, butter and so much more have been tried.  One fine doctor told me to just let it be.  To not be bothered.  To exercise regularly, check if I am healthy and if yes, be happy.  It might just be genetic.  To relax and enjoy life.  Today, when someone asks me to try something, I have started hearing a 'click'  in my brain meaning that it has turned off.  The pressure of putting on weight was getting too much to carry, besides others.  And, there is only so much one can handle.  So, I reset my 'settings' related to health advice.

The above I write to tell those having pressure of loosing weight, that there are people like me who have the pressure of putting on weight.  Both types are distressing, to say the least.  There must be only one mantra to health : 'Eat healthy, smile and live life to the fullest'.

In the above regard, thanks is due to the business who have ventured thus.  Hope that every store will become an all inclusive store and every advertisement will have all kinds of people - fair-dark-skinny-fat.  The person inside is valuable, health is valuable, body is valuable, but definitely not the type or size of body.  

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Such an awesome write up mam. . Keep writing :)