Friday, June 3, 2016

Education Institutions - A place full of life

Walk into any educational institution, school or college, anywhere around the world and you will find that there is no other place like it.  The laughter, jokes, camaraderie, the running around, animated discussions, the spectrum of serious ones to the freaky type - all abound.  In total, it is a place that is alive.

However, come holidays or vacation, and the place signifies 'empty' like no other.  You miss the pulse that beats when students are present - even when they are in class or if it is examination time.

When college works, it doesn't matter whether you are a 70 year old or a 40 year old.  You will walk to the pulse and beat of the youngest - an eighteen year old.  Any academician will second this, but ask them to explain and they will find it difficult.  

The students bring with them an energy like no other.  The best day is one when you take a class that feels perfect; where you have given your best and students are able to appreciate what you have taken.  On a worst day, the moment you step into college, the mood changes.  Students take ups and downs so much better than us.  

My favorite time of the day is when I compete and try to keep pace when I climb three floors to get to my room.  In case I am slow, I pick up pace and when I am fast, I push the youngsters to pick up pace.  All of us have a good laugh and go our way.

So, waiting - waiting for life to resume in the college.

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