Thursday, June 23, 2016

Whither Animal Rights

Olympics and a Jaguar 

What is the connection of a Jaguar living in a zoo and the 2016 Olympics ?  Anyone would ask this.  Why should Juma, a Jaguar living in a zoo, denied natural justice be brought to an olympic torch ceremony.  In the spirit of the olympics which speaks of sportsman spirit, where the only way to fight is through healthy competition include a Jaguar.  It is a shame on the olympic movement which does not encourage bloodshed in any form to have committed this crime.  

Amazon jaguar shot dead after Olympic torch ceremony (picture courtesy Reuters)

The local olympic committee has guaranteed that there will be no more such incidents - what is the use ?

Maharaj Vs Forest Department

'Maharaj', a twenty seven year old elephant, called by forest officials and public as a rogue elephant was captured to be trans located.  The operation of tranquilizing him and using a kumki to load him into a truck was called a huge success.  Yesterday, he died - causes still being debated.

The above picture is courtesy of the Indian Express.  The file is named 'Rogue1.jpg'  Sad don't you think.  An animal born to live and rule the forest, tranquilized and bound, and finally killed.  I use the word killed because if this was done to a human being, that is exactly the word we would have used.  There would have been an uproar in the newspaper, an FIR, ministers visiting the family, and all the drama that ensues.  Just because Maharaj and his ilk are elephants, rather animals, there is nothing of the sort.

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