Friday, October 3, 2008

Bagchi's Go Kiss the World

Bagchi's book is one I think, all of us can relate to. We can relate to the parent child relationships and the fun he had (especially the bear incident). For that matter, I remember of my dad's story. He was dared by his friends to sleep one night in the graveyard, which he did. The next morning, his grandfather ran after him and lashed him with the 'mattal'(part of the coconut leaf). He thought he had done a brave act, whereas his grandfather who was his guardian (his father having passed away when he was pretty young), thought otherwise. He still loves speaking about that story of his, and we asking for a repeat, despite hearing it a thousand times.

Yesterday's blog and a part of Bagchi's lines are very much related. How displacement is good. About learning new cultures and trusting total strangers. That is very true. I realize that Trento was our experience. And it felt good that someone felt the same way we did.

Thanks Bagchi for the good book.

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Kam said...

He's very brave. Great Dad. Great Deed. The book should be read.

Thank you madam,