Friday, October 17, 2008

I'll miss you

Nine years ago
She came home
This teeny weeny person
With shining black hair
Scared and innocent
Weaned away from her mom
To our little world.

Our eyes glued
Our ears tuned
To her every need
To her every cry
For she slept in our laps
Our arms, her pillows
Our world revolving around her.

She grew up soon
To a beautiful lady
Her hair shining black as ever
Her looks mesmerizing
Her gait steady
Her understanding deep
Loving us more than ever.

She was always there smiling
First thing in the morning
Happy for every evening
Comforting us in need
Sharing our joys
By just being and
Demanding very little in return.

Today, she has gone
Leaving me bereft
In more ways than one
Reminding me
Of unconditional love
Of timeless memories
Of giving
Of time lost
Of time wasted
Of time unspent
Of the unsurety in life.


Margaret said...

Very beautiful and moving poem, expressing true emotions & feeling of love and loss....

Kam said...


No comments for mother's love.