Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is it Fair ?

The Railway Reservation System in Hyderabad has a separate queue for ladies - a system that has been done away with in Tamil Nadu. In addition, this is applicable to tatkal tickets too. Having gone today morning to book tickets, I stood straightaway at the general queue only to find later that the ladies queue applies for tatkal too. And a single counter caters to both queues.

Is this system fair ? The people before me came between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. I reached at 6:05 and was fifth in the queue. Still, as I had stood in the ladies queue, I get to be first. I take precedence over three other people over the same counter. A tatkal ticket is more a matter of luck and time. At 8:00 counters across India click for anywhere between 10 - 30 tickets allotted for tatkal. Every minute lost and every additional person ahead of you translates to a seat lost. In such a scenario, is this system fair with reference to issue of tatkal tickets.

My girlfriends may protest, so will other women. Still, is this system fair ? My answer is a no. I believe that ladies should not be given preference in the tatkal scheme directly or indirectly. It is just that it is not fair, it is unjust. Of course, people will say, that those men can bring their women along and make them stand first. But here, we speak about equal opportunity. Does this sytem give equal opportunity to men and women ? I personally do not think so.


Kam said...

I'm a supporter to feminism. The case here, I agree with you madam.
It is not fair. Tatkal should show no priority.


LordVarma said...

ha ha .. sapnaji ... make hay while the sun shines.. i guess they would do away wid this system soon.. but still enjoy while you can... atleast thts how i live my life by [:)]..

btw.. may be not the right place but.. im goin to Trento this jan.. for 8 days.. should be gr8 fun... y dont you join me??