Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tutor Ward Meetings(TWMs)

At the pooja in the department, there were around ten students in total. This reminded me of the pooja at CIT. Ofcourse, many students went home. But then, those who were there actively participated in the fun. Pooja was fun. Time when staff used to prepare sundal and pongal from home voluntarily. And when students used to get the labs decorated. When we got together, staff and students.

I believe this camaraderie was due to the relationships forged in the college. Most staffs believed in knowing and understanding their students. The tutor ward meetings conducted on a weekly basis helped a lot and is one thing CIT, Coimbatore stands out for. I loved it for it helped me go beyond the syllabus, to push limits, both for myself and my students. The focus was on knowing your students, understanding them, their positives, enabling them to build on it, being there if they wanted a ear to listen - just being there. It involved organizing and motivating students to conduct activities ranging from aptitude tests, GDs, skits, role playing, etc. Peer appreciation as has been proved, is the best motivating factor for students. They learnt their positives and found ways to improve. We, the staff, were the silent spectators, getting into it, when required. This helped us understand and bond with them, and all this did not happen overnight. It came through a lot of effort and time - a tutor is assigned for a class's entire duration(2/3/4/5 years dependent on the course). But in the end there is satisfaction. Satisfaction of seeing that spark, that smile when they do something well. I believe that every institution must follow this example set by CIT. Yes, many a time, results cannot be seen immediately. It comes later on, years after students have passed out. But, it is worth it.

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